I transitioned into design after many years of philosophical training because I came across some good design works and was convinced that design is crucial and powerful. My identity as a designer differs from the conventional view, which perceives designers as artist-engineers focused solely on meeting customers’ needs. I believe the goal of a designer should be to contribute to creating a better world. Consider the evolution of modern design objects over the past century or two and how they have significantly transformed our world. While human needs undoubtedly influence reality (that is, everything produced), it is design that plays a pivotal role in guiding and shaping those needs, albeit not always in a positive direction.

Working as a designer, I am interested in exploring the expressive power of forms and usually draw inspiration from “significant forms” I encounter in nature and works of art.

The online shop—CollageSEL— sells selected second-hand clothes of my favorite brands, like Margaret Howell and Studio Nicholson. Running this design-related small business was an outlet for my enthusiasm for design before I had a chance to be a designer.

Contact: siyunxue@collagesel.com

Instragram: @SIYUN.XUE