I have been drawn to elegant and mysterious paisley pattern used in traditional bandana design and wanted to design a pattern as a homage. It occurred to me that there are some patterns with similar characteristics used by ancient Chinese bronze. I did some research and chose two motifs: Kui Dargon pattern, which depicts a kind of mythological creature in profile, and Cloud and Thunder pattern, ornamental repetitive lines wind- ing in S-forms. Inspired by the layout of traditional paisley bandanas and how these motifs were used in ancient Chinese bronze, I carefully arranged them to create a new decor pattern.

* The bandana was printed and finished by with silk satin.

Later, this new decor pattern is applied to create a clock dial. The pattern is printed onto a copper plate using pattern transfer techniques. Then, the plate is etched to create a 3D texture and color is added through patination. A layer of glaze is applied to give the copper plate a glossy finish and protect it.

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